Amethyst Buffalo Talisman


A statement piece of hand braided leather interwoven with antique gold and brass chain carries an unique amethyst cluster at center. Two bone colored buffalo medicine tassels of leather rest at each side and below. . Brass finishings and gold chain at neck. total length: 37 inches

Amethyst is a stone of nobility and spiritual awareness, assisting in positive transformation, prosperity, and tranquility. If you need some Amethyst in your life, wearing it near your heart is one of the best ways to bathe in her subtle vibrations.

Soothes irritability and alleviates stress, fear, anxiety, and grief, dissolving negativity. Motivates a "rising up" from harmful patterns or addictions. Calms and stimulates the mind, helping with focus, enhancing memory and improving motivation. Helps relieve insomnia, excellent tool for interpreting and dream recall.